BC4 BODYCAM 4 Firmware Version 1.6.6

Release Date 06/23/2023

The BODYCAM 4 can be identified by its rear label with P/N: IP-BC-400 and its serial number containing xxxxB4xxxxx.

What's New


  • Added support for new "Ultra Low" bitrate setting
  • Added support to sync configured server URL when checking for firmware updates
  • Added support for synchronizing setting related to Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity
  • Added logic to skip and retry file uploads that may have been corrupted during recording
  • Added timelapse recording feature
  • Added ability to login to the web user interface (Admin/doesitall) and retrieve log files


  • Changed mute button functionality so that it each event must be muted independently
  • Changed default microphone audio volume to higher level to normalize listening when compared to other devices
  • Changed logic to automatically reboot camera when settings are changed that require a reboot
  • Updated on screen logo to new design
  • Changed configuration sync logic to support only synchronizing config when it is changed on server
  • Changed upload logic to allow uploads from Wi-Fi and 4G while outside of the docking station


  • Fixed issue with occasional "flicker" of image during recording with EIS enabled
  • Fixed problem with applying different Bitrate settings
  • Fixed issue preventing redirecting of server URL for cloud account transfers
Update Instructions

The BODYCAM 4 checks for new firmware each time it docks. If a new firmware update is available the camera will automatically download it and apply the update when it has completed its upload. The camera will display a firmware check icon in the upper left corner of the LCD to show the status of the updates:

  • A circular arrow icon indicates that it is checking for updates.
  • A circular arrow with a green check icon indicates the firmware was checked and it is current.
  • A circular arrow with a blue download icon indicates the firmware is out of date and an update is being downloaded.
  • A circular arrow with a yellow exclamation point icon indicates the firmware version could not be checked. Please ensure that the camera dock has an internet connection and http://firmware.provisionusa.com is accessible.
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