DR-200 v2 Drive Recorder v2 Firmware Version 1.6.13

Release Date 06/06/2023

How do I know which model I have?

  • The model number on the rear of unit is DR-200
  • The serial number on the rear of the unit contains xxxxS2DRBxxxx
  • The unit has a MicroUSB service port on the rear under the mount. (See image at right)
  • The model number and serial number may be found in the web page of the unit
Drive Recorder v2
What's New
  • Added support for quick setup files for configuring Wi-Fi, 4G, and file transfer
  • Added configuration options for G-force settings
  • Added option for audio to be configured for recording during events only
  • Adjusted default audio recording volume
  • Change default SSID to use serial number instead of MAC address
  • Change GPS overspeed value from dropdown to field
  • Fixed settings button on mobile view to make more visible
  • Fixed issue with long wait to unmount SD card after opening door
  • Fixed issue with corrupted files being recorded after reinserting SD card
  • Fixed issue with viewing files in web user interface after reinserting SD card

Update Instructions

Method 1: through web interface

  1. Download the firmware from the link at the top of the page to your device (smart phone, tablet, or laptop)
  2. Connect your device to the DVR unit’s Wi-Fi or LAN port
  3. Open a web browser on your device and navigate to
  4. On the DVR’s web interface navigate to Settings > System
  5. Enter your username/password for access (Default Username: admin / Default Password: doesitall)
  6. In the System Update box on the page click in the "File Input" box and browse to the downloaded firmware file on your device
  7. Press "Upload" to upload the firmware to the DVR unit and update the firmware
  8. The unit will beep twice when the firmware has been uploaded and begins applying to the DVR
  9. After the firmware update completes it will beep once as well as display the status on screen; the DVR will then reboot automatically.

Method 2: through a SD card

  1. Plug an SD card into the SD card reader on your PC
  2. Open the SD card on the PC (if it doesn’t automatically open)
  3. Create a new folder named "auto_upgrade" in the root directory of the SD card
  4. Download the firmware from the link at the top of the page and place it into the "auto_upgrade" folder
  5. Eject the SD card from PC and remove it from the SD card reader
  6. Place the SD card into the SD card slot of the unit in need of update, and then close the SD card door
  7. If DVR is off with the SD card plugged in, firmware update will start automatically once the DVR powers on
  8. If DVR is already on, firmware update will start automatically once the SD card is inserted and the door is closed
  9. When the update starts the unit will beep once
  10. Once updated, the unit will beep twice, and then reboot with the new firmware version

  • If you were connected to the DVR through Wi-Fi, you may need to reconnect after the DVR unit reboots.
  • After you have update the firmware it may be necessary to clear your browsers cache to allow it to load the updated interface, on Windows computers press CTRL + F5, on Mac computers hold Shift while clicking refresh on the page, and on smart phones you must go to Settings > History > Clear Browsing Data and select the web page.
  • All firmware releases after January 2018 contain an important security update as well as the additional login prompt used in step 5 above.

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